Best Business Smartphones 2015


The tag “a great Smartphone” does not necessarily make such a Smartphone great for work purposes. There is a difference between a person looking for a Smartphone for social purposes and one who is looking for one that will be instrumental in his or her business. Essentially, businessmen or business oriented individuals seek for smartphones that boasts of snappy multitasking capabilities, top notch security, simple user interface, and a wide range of productivity applications. What I am trying to saying is that not any Smartphone can make you productive in a work setting. With that in mind, let’s shed light on some of the best business smartphones for entrepreneurs in the year 2015.

The iPhone 6s plus

If you are an apple hardcore fan and a business person, iPhone 6s plus is the phone you should resort to as you undertake your day to day work duties. With a huge 5.5 inch display which dwarfs all the other ordinary iPhone smartphones, this phone is bound to give you a lot of room to complete your tasks. Some of the key features of this amazing iPhone are: IOS 8 operating system, large display, fast performance, fingerprint reader, long battery life, thin and light design.

Samsung galaxy s6

Dubbed the best overall business phone, Samsung galaxy s6 takes the enviable top spot because of the following unique key features. The key features that make Samsung galaxy s6 the best overall business phone include: Samsung Knox, split screen multitasking, fingerprint scanner, long battery life and fast performance.

Samsung galaxy note 5

If you are into big screen phones, then the Samsung galaxy note 5 is the perfect business phone to go for. In fact, with a screen display of 5.7 inches, it provides the user with great room for multitasking and complete tasks at a go. The key features of this great model include: fast performance, long battery life, fingerprint scanner, large display, split screen multitasking, and built in stylus.

Google nexus 6P

Google nexus 6P is indeed the best android business phone without necessarily having to deal with a lot of clutter. With a 5.7 inch screen display, this phone is perfect for hard core android lovers. The key features of this android phablet are: early software updates, long battery life, finger print scanners, always listening voice commands and fast performance.

Huawei Ascend mate 2

If you are seeking for a business phone with the best battery life, Huawei Ascend mate 2 is the Smartphone to go for. While it’s an incredible phone when it comes to battery life lasting over 15 hours, one needs to be aware that it’s a bulky device with a monstrous 6.1 inch display. The highlight features of this android phablet are that it boasts of an incredibly long battery life has expandable storage and large display.

Motorola Moto E (2015)

If you are looking for the best budget business phone, Motorola Moto E 2015 is the phone for you. Retailing at $100 without a contract, this phone provides you with an amazing android experience without having to deal with unnecessary clutter. The Smartphone is not only affordable but also boasts of stock android, long battery life, and good performance!

Samsung Galaxy s6 vs. iPhone 6s Comparison


Recently, iPhone 6s was launched amid fanfare and glamour especially to the iPhone enthusiasts. It was, rightfully so, branded the Smartphone of the year by iPhone lovers and diehard fans. However, the launch of iPhone 6s by apple was not by any means an indication that it held the bragging rights to the best Smartphone to be in the market. Yes. We agree that the specifications that come with iPhone 6s are as impressive as they come but that’s not enough to unilaterally declare iPhone 6s the Smartphone of the year or the only choice individuals have.

Whether we like it or not, competing devices such as the Samsung galaxy s6 are indeed giving Apple a run for their money. Add to that the fact that not everybody is a fan of IOS and you get the reason why a comparison etween these two high end smartphones is of essence. So without much further ado, whether you love android phones or iOS phones, let’s compare these two pieces of technological wonder and leave it to you to decide which you want to buy.


There is no denying that when it comes to design, both Samsung galaxy s6 and iPhone 6s have indeed outdone themselves. The design for the two handsets are indeed beautiful and a sight to behold. Apples iPhone has borrowed much of its design from its predecessor smartphones and has more or less kept with its traditional metal unibody design. On the other hand, Samsung galaxy s6 boasts of a mixture of glass and aluminum body to capture the attention of its customers. As regards the design of these two beautiful handsets, the preference of one design over the other is simply a personal choice as they both are uniquely designed.

Processor and RAM

Whether we like it or not, the processing power of a phone plays a great role in our ultimate decision to make a purchase. The Samsung galaxy boasts of 3GB RAM and an octa core processor. This particular processor comprises of a quad core 2.1 GHz cortex –A57 and 1.5 GHz cortex-A53. On the other hand, Apples iPhone 6s features 2GB RAM and its very own A9 64 bit processor that comprises of an inbuilt M9 motion coprocessor.


A phones display is one of the most important aspects when a person is seeking to purchase a tablet or a Smartphone. The iPhone 6s features a 4.7 inch Retina HD display and boasts of an 1134*740 screen resolution. To cap it all off, iPhone 6s also boasts of 3D touch technology that indeed opens up this amazing Smartphone to a world of opportunities to the user. The Samsung galaxy s6 on the other hand has a larger screen quad HD display of 5.1 inch with a screen resolution of 2560*1440 pixels.


As regards the software, it simply boils down to a person’s tastes and preferences. Samsung galaxy being an android phone spots the latest version of android lollipop while iPhone 6s comes preinstalled with IOS 9. The ultimate choice based on software will be without a doubt determined on whether you are an Apple believer or a Google android believer.


Both iPhone 6s and Samsung galaxy s6 come with phenomenal cameras. The galaxy s6 is phenomenal in the sense that it spots a rear 16 megapixel camera with 4k video recording capabilities. The iPhone 6s on the other hand spots 12 megapixel module but also comes with live photos which essentially mean that each image taken can also be stored as a short video. To add to that the iPhone 6s also has the capability to shoot videos in 4K.

To sum it up, there is no denying that both smartphones are powerful and unique in their own way. However, if you have been in a dilemma on what handset to buy, I hope the above comparisons will make things easy for you!


Moto G Review – Low Cost Smartphone With Amazing Features!


Owning a Smartphone has become the in thing. Most people who don’t own a Smartphone yet look forward to the day they will own one. There is simply something amazing about being able to tap on your phone and swipe away pictures as you revel on some of your most important moments in life. While this is the ultimate goal, most people are turned away by the incredibly high costs of smart phones in the market. Some have been forced to pay unbelievable amount of money on a monthly basis simply to secure a high end Smartphone on a contract.

Well, hail to Moto G! A low cost Smartphone that comes with superb features rivaling some of the latest and high end smart phones in the market! Truth be told, the Motorola Moto G is the Smartphone you could ever ask for whether you are tech savvy or simply seeking to enter into the world of smart phones.

Moto G review in a nutshell

There is no denying that the Moto G is the Smartphone of choice for someone looking for a solid Smartphone with great features for an unbelievable low price.  It is, simply put, the kind of Smartphone that gives value for money and makes you enjoy its use.

Moto G boasts of a strong performance, amazing design and a great screen for the Smartphone enthusiast.

Key features of Moto G

  • Android 4.3 but users can now upgrade to android 5.1 Lollipop
  • 8 GB/16 GB internal memory
  • 4.50 inch touch screen
  • 720 * 1280 screen resolution
  • 1.2 GHz Processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 5 MP primary camera on the rear
  • 1.3 MP front camera for taking selfies
  • 2070 MAH Battery
  • Measurement of 129.90*65.90*11.60 (height*width*thickness)
  • Weighs 143g
  • Bluetooth v 4.0

However, with all these amazing specs, Moto G has a few drawbacks that a veteran Smartphone user will be quick to point out.  These are:

  • The camera of the phone is OK. Not so great and not so bad. Its somewhere in the middle.
  • It’s a non 4G version phone.
  • It doesn’t have a microSD slot which means you cannot expand the memory of the phone.
  • The battery of the phone is inbuilt and this portends a problem when the battery becomes useless.

In conclusion, the drawbacks do not count for much if the pricing and the amazing features of this great Smartphone are anything to go by. If you have been on the market searching for a phone that will give you value for money and great performance, Moto G should be your choice Smartphone!

How Bad Credit Mobile Phones Came To Be And The Benefits


If there is something that lenders and mobile providers loathe, it has to be the mention of the word “bad credit”. Businesses exist for the sole purpose of making profit and any indication that a person might be a stumbling object to the end goal is usually sneered upon. In fact, the tradition decades ago was that an application made by a person with bad credit was never glanced at twice. It always found homage in a dust bin. Of course, this very attitude was a great source of pain and distress to those whose credit scores had suffered a beating.

Institutions responsible for lending and mobile providers were unforgiving when it came to dealing with people who had a less than average credit score. Applying for a mobile phone contract, a credit card or even a simple personal loan was a mountain hill, a tall order so to speak. Those with bad credit were terrified at the thought of applying for a mobile phone contract. The mental anguish, embarrassment and the incessant rejections they underwent when applying for a mobile phone contract was reason enough to give them goose bumps.

However, in as much as this was largely the norm for many mobile providers, the practice changed especially with the financial crisis that hit the world in the year 2008. Even the most successful of companies came down. Strong economies suffered a beating and people who initially had a good credit rating suddenly found themselves in debt. Governments made efforts to bail out certain companies and people became more indebted than ever. Mobile phone providers risked losing most of their customers or not attracting any new ones if the age old tradition of approving only people with a perfect credit score was maintained.

A paradigm shift, a change of thinking and strategy was imminent. After all, change is inevitable and businesses that adopt to change are the ones that tend to succeed. With this in mind, most UK providers became lenient when dealing with people with a poor credit rating. The financial crisis opened eyes to many providers in that they suddenly became aware that a poor credit rating is not always a function of financial irresponsibility. In the wake of all these, bad credit mobile phones were born. At last, individuals with a poor credit rating could breathe a sigh of relief as the once cumbersome and involving process of applying for a mobile phone contract had now been simplified. For more info about the process of applying check Instant Mobile.

Bad credit mobile phones had a number of benefits and advantages. For starters, credit checks did not play a significant role in the approval or rejection of an application. One could apply and get an instant mobile within hours provided that they met requirements and provided all the required documentation at the time of application. Secondly, bad credit mobile phones also provided those with a poor credit rating peace of mind. Trust me, the distress that a person undergoes when their mobile phone contract application is denied is not something you would want to experience. Thirdly, bad credit mobile phones provided individuals with a perfect opportunity to rebuild their already tattered credit rating. Provided that a person was committed to making payments without fail, their credit scores were bound to improve with time in the long run.

Hail The First Phone That Can Be Washed With Soap And Water!


Alas! There is a new wave of optimism, celebrations and ululations among the germaphobes of this world. People who simply can’t stand germs or are simply allergic to germs have a reason to be happy if the developments in the mobile phone industry are anything to go by. For the first time, a new phone that can be washed with soap and water has been released sparking celebrations from the germaphobes of this world. Considering that an ordinary phone is deemed to carry more bacteria than your ordinary toilet, news of the first phone that can be washed and rid of bacteria and bugs have been positively received.

Most smart phones come with features such as shock proof, water resistant and scratch resistant. However, this particular phone has gone an extra mile by setting a new standard of durability. The new Smartphone going by the name Digno Rafre is the talk of town and forums for its unique features. It sets precedence as the very first phone in the world that can be washed with soap and water without any harm coming to the phone.

The Smartphone has a 43 degrees Celsius hot water resistance which means it can also be cleaned using hot water not exceeding 43 degrees Celsius. It should be noted that such a high heat resistance is not ordinarily included in the Smartphone IP certification ratings. The makers of the Smartphone, Kyocera and KDDI opine that this is the phone of the future and a gift to the germaphobes all over the globe.

The Smartphone spots a self healing rear panel also found in LG G Flex Smartphone, phone display can be effectively operated with wet hands, is shock proof, and is effectively protected by Dragontrail X Glass coating. This amazing Smartphone is slated to be launched on the 11th of December in Japan and is expected to be priced at JPY 57420. It is available in several colours and enthusiastic customers can go for Cashmere white, Coral pink and Marin Navy.

Digno Rafre specifications

  • Android 5.1 lollipop
  • 5 inch TFT LCD display
  • HD Resolution (720*1280 pixels)
  • 2 GB RAM
  • MicroSD slot expandable up to 128 GB
  • 3 megapixel real camera
  • 3000 mAh Battery
  • Supports 4G LTE connectivity
  • Bluetooth version 4.1
  • Weighs 155 g

The makers of this amazing Smartphone have revealed that the phone does not come with a speaker but instead makes use of a connective tissue for sound transmission. What this essentially means is that phones screen is used to transmit sound through vibrations and therefore that explains the lack of speakers where water could get through into the phone. The phone is expected to cost £310 in the UK which is quite affordable and within the reach of many germaphobes strewn all over the UK. Indeed, the technological innovations in the mobile phone industry continues to wows many and it’s just a matter of time before we bear witness to another breath taking innovation!